Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit?

There is no age limit to attend FHSOP. At this point our youngest student has been 9 and our eldest 83. However, tuition fees are the same for all ages. 

Is childcare provided?

Generally FHSOP does not provide childcare. 

Is there an outreach portion of this school?

There have been FHSOP in the past the include an outreach portion in their scheduling, however not all do. If outreach is included and administrated by Fathers Heart staff it will be clearly stated in the school description.

Do I need to live in the location of the school to attend?

Absolutely not! We love having students from all over the world attend just as much as we enjoy having local students. However, you are responsible for organizing your travel and accommodations and they are not covered in the cost and fees. 

Are accommodations covered in the cost of tuition?

No, accommodations are not covered in the cost of tuition. We suggest looking at Airbnb or hotels in the city and state given. 

For more information on what is covered by the cost of tuition please visit our Costs & Fees page.

When is tuition due?

Typically tuition is due within a week after your acceptance email has been sent. However, this can vary depending on the school. Each application will clarify.

If tuition is not paid on time you will be at risk of losing your spot due to the limited amount of seats in each FHSOP.

How many students are in a Fathers Heart School of Prophecy?

We try not to exceed 50 students at each school.

If you have any further questions please email