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Father's Heart School of Prophecy

Spiritually Practical Approach to Prophecy E-course

Father’s Heart Ministries is happy to announce our Father’s Heart School of Prophecy e-course! This e-course is a glimpse of what will be taught at FHSOP in person schools. It focuses on the necessary practical approach to prophecy. As David Wagner, founder of FHSOP, says, “If it’s not practical, it’s probably not spiritual”. 


The Father’s Heart School of Prophecy e-course contains just over two hours of necessary and practical information on the prophetic. This course is taught by founder of Father’s Heart Ministries, David Wagner. You will be able to work at your own pace and use provided workbook pages, and on screen text, to help capture the information. After watching the videos and participating in the activations led by David, you will gain not only an understanding of the practical approach to prophecy, but an understanding of the Father’s heart.


We’ll walk through practical steps of how to hear the voice of The Lord, how to communicate His voice, and how to use the prophetic in your everyday life. We want you to feel confident going into your community and to those around you knowing how to hear God’s voice and communicate the Father’s Heart. 


Lesson titles:

  • The beginning place is heart

  • Hearing the voice of God for yourself

  • Pursuing love

  • Prophetic purpose

  • Defining Prophecy

  • What prophecy is not

  • Knowing Jesus more

  • What are you looking at?

  • The Heart of Prophecy

  • Face to face and heart to heart

Enrollment Fee: $59 USD


David Wagner is recognized as a relevant and accurate prophetic voice that God is using to share the Father's Heart to people all over the world. He communicates his passion for Jesus and love for people through sharing his personal life experiences, testimony, and sense of humor.

Founder of Father's Heart Ministries
and Father's Heart School of Prophecy

David Wagner


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the enrollment fee?
The $59 enrollment fee includes over two hours of instruction by David Wagner via video, PDF workbook pages, and lifetime access to the course.

How long will it take to complete the course?
The course contains just over two hours of instruction and activations. You are able to work at your own pace throughout the course so you can decide how long it will take!

Where is this course available?
The course is available worldwide! Father's Heart Ministries is a United States ministry that travels to the nations, therefore our school is the same. The course language is English and fee is in USD. However, you can be anywhere in the world and participate in this e-course.

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